Dayton Barns FAQ

Here are some of the most frequent questions we get about our services.

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About Our Steel Buildings:

What sizes are offered?

Everything is completely customizable, but we offer anywhere from a
12’x20’x6’ to a 100’x1000’x20’, depending on where you are located.

Are the buildings tubular steel or I-beam?

We offer fully galvanized, tubular steel framing on the buildings.

What gauge is the steel?

The framing is standard 14 gauge tubular steel, with a 12 gauge
upgrade available. The sheet steel is standard 29 gauge, with a 26
gauge upgrade available.

Are steel buildings stronger than wood-framed pole barns?

What do they build skyscrapers out of? Steel, not wood. Steel
buildings tend to be stronger than pole barns, but are also more
structurally efficient. They are easier to maintain, and the galvanized
steel will last a lifetime.

What is the wind and snow rating? Can you certify to meet my local requirements?

The standard wind and snow rating vary based on where we are
installing the building, but we can always certify to meet any
requirements. Buildings can be certified up to 170 MPH wind speeds
and 90 PSF snow loads.

What’s the warranty on the building?

Warranties vary by your location, but typically we offer a one year or
ninety days workmanship warranty, as well as some sort of rust and wind warranty on the materials. This material warranty can be
increased with upgrading the gauges of the steel.

Designing Your Steel Building:

Can I add doors, windows, and other things to the unit?

Yes, you can choose from a wide selection of rollup doors, entry
doors, windows, and even translucent panels to add to the building.

Can the sheet steel be run vertically on the roof and sides?

Yes, vertical roofing and vertical siding is a recommended option on
these buildings.

Do you offer insulation for the buildings?

Depending on location, we offer a 0.20” thick condenstop vapor
barrier, a 0.25” thick reflective double bubble vapor barrier, and a 2.0”
thick fiberglass insulation. We do not offer spray foam or other types
of insulation.

Do you seal between the base rail and the foundation of the building to prevent water from entering?

In most states, we do offer a sealant to prevent this problem. Another
option for customers would be to use silicone and caulk the exterior
(and even the interior if desired) of the base rail to prevent water from

Do you put gutters and downspouts on the buildings?

We do not offer gutters and downspouts; however, all buildings have a
6” overhang on the roof, easily allowing for these to be put in after the
building is installed.

Purchasing Your Steel Building:

Do you guys offer free quotes?

Yes. All quotes are free. We have very knowledgeable project
managers to answer all your questions, design, and price your dream
building for you.

Does the price include installation?

Yes. All of our prices are “out-the-door” costs. They will include
delivery, installation, and sales tax.

How to I purchase the building?

Once you and Dayton Barns’ project manager finalize a design and
price, you will sign off on our order documents, place a small down
payment (ranging from 15%-20% depending on the size of the
structure), and then await the install of your new structure!

How long is my price good for?

Prices can change at any time of the year, sometimes without much
notice. Until a down payment is placed and an order documents are
signed, prices can change at any moment. Once the down payment is
made and the order documents have been signed, your price is locked

Do you have any payment plans?

Yes! We are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive lending
portfolios in the industry. Please visit for more details on payment plans,
such as no credit check rent-to-own, 90 days same as cash, and
traditional financing.

Do I have to put money down?

For any cash or rent-to-own purchases, there will be a small amount
required up front. For traditional, credit based financing, you can do
no money down and finance the entire project.

Preparing For Your Steel Building:

How much room do I need around the building for the installers to be able to put it up properly?

We typically need three feet of clearance on all four sides of the
structure. In instances where sides of the building are not being
enclosed, we may be able to shorten this distance.

Can I put the building on a stem/knee wall?

Typically, yes. This will all depend on where you live, the size of the
building, and the makeup of the wall. We usually will be able to do
this, but we first need pictures of the wall to determine for sure.

Can I put the building on concrete piers or pavers?

Yes, as long as your local jurisdiction accepts that as a foundation, you
can do so. Just ensure with your Dayton Barns’ project manager that
you have the accurate spacing of the piers.

What size does my concrete pad need to be?

While our blueprints depict various types of acceptable concrete
pours, the final say comes down to your local jurisdiction. The bare
minimum we require is a 4” thick slab that is at least the same size as
the building (i.e. 30×40); however, many local jurisdictions require
footers and things of this nature. Whatever they require is what you
will be required to do.

What kind of foundation do I need to have?

We can put the building on nearly anything that is level. The type of
anchors we use just varies, which may cause the cost to change
slightly. The most common foundations are concrete, gravel, and

Permitting Your Steel Building:

Do you have engineer stamped blueprints for my building?

Yes. We have generic blueprints, stamped and certified in each state
for all of our buildings. These are free of cost with the purchase of
every building. Additionally, for larger commercial or residential projects, we offer site specific blueprints and calculations when needed that come at an additional cost with the purchase of a building.

What is the wind and snow rating? Can you certify to meet my local requirements?

The standard wind and snow rating vary based on where we are
installing the building, but we can always certify to meet any
requirements. Buildings can be certified up to 170 MPH wind speeds
and 90 PSF snow loads.

Will you guys pull the permit for my building?

We do not pull the permits; however, we will help you attain your
permit and be with you every step of the way. We will provide you
with the blueprints, elevation map, floor plan, and anything else
pertaining to the building itself to assist in permitting.

What am I allowed to have on my property?

While we can find out your snow and wind load requirements, you
will be responsible for discussing with your local jurisdiction what
size and type of building you are allowed to have.

Delivering & Installing Your Steel Building:

How much room do I need for the installers to get onto my property?

The installers and materials will typically be arriving in a 3500 dually
truck with a flatbed trailer. They just need to be able to drive to the
property in this, and they will unload the materials as close to the site
as possible.

How long does it take them to install the building once the install crew is on my property?

Most buildings will be completed in one-two days by the install crew.
Once we get over 2,000 square feet and larger, it could be a longer
installation time.

How soon will my building be getting installed?

Toggle contenaOur lead time varies by location and time of year, but typically we
stay four to six weeks from the time your site is ready to the time we
are out there installing your dream building. t goes here, click edit button to change this text.