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Installation Information

What to Expect From Our Installation Process

Right after we receive your order, we’ll get hard at work to produce your new barn, shed, or metal building. Within about 4 weeks, we’ll be ready to deliver and install your building.

In the meantime, there are some things you should take care of, such as:

Make Sure You Have the Required Permits

There may be statewide or local laws regarding building placements. Make sure you have all documentation required before the installers arrive.

Consider Plumbing and Electric

If possible, wait until after the building is installed before running electric and water lines.
If plumbing and electrical lines are already in place before our installers arrive, ensure that they are properly marked for the safety of our workers. You can call 811 to have any underground water or electrical lines marked.

Lay Your Foundation

If you plan to lay a new foundation for your building, make sure to do this and have the foundation in place and ready before our installers arrive. For concrete slabs, this needs to be at least 72 hours before the installation team arrives.

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Our Installation Process

  • 1. Levelling We’ll need to make sure the area you’ve chosen is appropriately level and clear of any vegetation. Then, we’ll square the base of the structure and ensure the placement is to your liking.
  • 2. Securing the Base Once you’re happy with the placement, we can secure the base to the soil or your chosen foundation. This is done by drilling anchors into the foundation or soil upon which everything else will stand.
  • 3. Construction We’ll construct your barn, shed, carport, or lean-to from the ground up according to your specifications. We start with the frames which are pre-built and raised from the ground, then add the roof, and finish with any door or window cutouts that you requested.

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