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Prefab Metal Buildings

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Prefab Metal Buildings

At Dayton Barns & All-Steel Buildings, we offer prefab metal buildings at a price that will not burn a hole in your pocket!


Contact us if you would like to learn more about the styles of prefab metal buildings we have available. We offer national coverage and easy financing options.

What You Need to Know About Prefab Construction and Prefab Metal Buildings

Prefab is short for prefabricated, otherwise known as ready-made. Prefabrication construction is a construction method that has gained popularity in recent years due to technological improvements and the benefits the method provides.

A prefab metal building’s parts have been produced in a factory before being delivered to its destination. This is convenient to the seller and the buyer since the parts are made in a location and environment that is both safe and controlled.

With prefabrication construction and a prefab metal building, you do not need to worry about:

  • Weather
  • Environmental hazards
  • Delays
  • Vandals
  • Intruders
  • And other factors that can complicate the building process

Assemblage will be your only concern once your prefab metal building delivers to your site.

Sku No : 307114FB

20'x25'x9' Prefab Metal Buildings

Starting at : $9,400
(*Price varies by state and location)


This 20’ x 25’ Farm Building features 9’ leg height, roll up doors, windows, walk in door, and a vertical roof.

20'x25'x9' Prefab Metal Buildings

Starting at : $9,400
(*Price varies by state and location)

Financing & RTO Available

Sku No : 307114FB

24'x30'x14' Prefab Metal Buildings

Starting at : $15,500
(*Price varies by state and location)


This 24’ x 30’ Farm Building features 14’ leg height, roll up doors, windows, walk in door, and a vertical roof.

24'x30'x14' Prefab Metal Buildings

Starting at : $15,500
(*Price varies by state and location)

Financing & RTO Available

Sku No : 307114FB

24'x25'x11' Prefab Metal Buildings

Starting at : $10,800
(*Price varies by state and location)


This 24’ x 25’ Farm Building features 11’ leg height, roll up doors, windows, walk in door, and a vertical roof.

24'x25'x11' Prefab Metal Buildings

Starting at : $10,800
(*Price varies by state and location)

Financing & RTO Available

There are Several Advantages to a Prefab Metal Building

Just as there are several advantages to prefab construction, there are also several benefits to factory-manufactured metal buildings. Seven benefits include:


1. Strength


These buildings are made entirely out of steel, which means they will be able to withstand just about anything thrown at them. Steel is known as the strongest alloy, which is made through a combination of metals. Steel gets its strength from a combination of iron and carbon. Other impurities, such as silicon and phosphorus, are also known for enhancing steel’s strength and hardness.


A metal’s overall strength can be determined by its:


  • Tensile strength: Also known as a metal’s ability to resist being pulled apart.
  • Compressive strength: A metal’s ability to resist compression, or being pushed together.
  • Yield strength: A metal’s ability to resist deformation.
  • Impact strength: Known as a metal’s ability to withstand impact before it shatters.
    Carbon steel has high resistance in all four strengths. Stainless steel also scores highly on most of the above. It is highly resistant to shattering upon impact and boasts a yield strength of up to 1560 megapascals (mpa) and a tensile strength of up to 1460 mpa.
    Prefabricated metal buildings will also not fall prey to inconsistencies from an outside worksite, ensuring that it has the maximum strength-to-weight ratio and that its building codes are up to date.

2. Durability

Just as steel buildings are much stronger than wood buildings, they are also much more durable than them. It is resistant to several destructive elements, including fire, termites, and harsh weather. Steel has a melting point of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit while wood can burn at as low as 930 degrees Fahrenheit. Wood is also susceptible to termites and insect damage. Wood can also attain water damage and warp as a result. It is also able to withstand natural elements better than brick buildings.


3. Low-Maintenance

Since prefab metal buildings are so strong and durable, they are also low-maintenance. Steel buildings are susceptible to very little compared to wood and will need little to no maintenance as a result. Wood, on the other hand, can warp from rain, be chewed through by termites, and burn easily in fires.

4. Versatility

Prefab metal buildings are also extremely versatile and can be customized to your desire. The parts are manufactured to allow for flexibility and can be built into farms, sheds, garages, and much more. They can also be built to great sizes and used to extend pre-existing buildings.
At Dayton Barns & All-Steel Buildings, it is easier than ever to test the flexibility of the parts and build a custom steel building that fits your every desire.

5. Quick and Easy Assembly

Since prefab metal buildings are made before they are sent to their destination, this greatly cuts down construction time since the focus can go entirely on assembly.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

A prefab metal building is also cost-effective due to its low building and maintenance costs. Since these buildings are ready-made in the factory and not on the worksite, the building process is sped up and there are fewer pieces to put together, which ultimately costs you less money. Since the building goes up quickly, you get to spend less on labor. There’s also less waste that needs to be removed, which is another way you save money on labor.
Since they are so durable and require little to no maintenance, maintenance costs also go down. This is different from wood buildings, where an owner would have to pay to fix the roof if rain warped the wood or if termites chewed through a wall.

7. Eco-Friendly

Prefab metal buildings provide less of an environmental impact than ones not manufactured beforehand. Due to being built in a factory-controlled environment, prefab metal buildings result in less air, water, and noise pollution than ones constructed entirely outside.
Prefab metal buildings are also recyclable since steel is 100% recyclable and does not lose its quality when recycled.

Prefab Metal Buildings Serve Several Functions

As mentioned in the benefits section, prefab metal buildings are versatile and can serve several purposes. A few of these functions include:
  • Protection: Garages, sheds, and carports are great ways to protect your vehicles, farm equipment, and other assets from harsh weather and potential thieves.
  • Storage: You can easily store out-of-date holiday decorations, lawnmowers, bikes, and much more in a steel garage or metal shed.
  • Workshop: Need someplace to work on your hobbies or a quiet place to work away from the family? Look no further than a metal shed or workshop!
Assemblage will be your only concern once your prefab metal building delivers to your site.

Customize Your Prefab Metal Building with Dayton

Customize your prefab metal building and receive a free quote today. We offer several building styles, including:
  • Metal sheds and workshops
  • Metal carports
  • RV covers
Contact us and learn more about the pre-built options we have in stock!

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Top Selling Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Metal Building Types

Commercial Metal Buildings

Our metal buildings are designed and fabricated to exact standards and include many features that other companies do not offer. Our commitment to quality makes Carport Central commercial steel building kits more durable and versatile to use. Whether you need a low-rise office building, restaurant, vehicle dealership, auto repair shop, car wash, tire store, or even a medical clinic, our commercial steel structures offer the best value for your money. We offer competitive prices on commercial steel buildings.


Prefabricated Metal Building Prices

Our Prefab Metal Buildings prices are among the most competitive in the steel structures industry.

Pre-engineered metal building prices at Carport Central can vary, depending on the extent of customization involved (roof style and dimensions), the additional materials desired (wall panels, gables, doors, windows, anchors), the gauge of frame (12-GA or 14-GA), the gauge of sheet metal (29-GA or 26-GA), and the certification or building permit requirements of your region.

Metal Buildings Roof Styles

If you’re familiar with roofing in general, then you already know that a metal roof is one of the best material solutions when it comes to protecting your structure. Metal buildings typically come in one of three roof styles: vertical, A-frame, or regular:

1. Vertical Roof Style

Vertical style roofs are really the top-of-the-line option for metal buildings of all sizes, types, and designs. Like the Boxed-Eave roof, a Vertical roof is built on an A-frame, so it also carries a look that’s more reminiscent of a home roof. But Vertical roofs are stronger and more resilient than A-Frame roofs, as they come with additional reinforcements. For example, Vertical roofs include hat channels and ridge caps to improve stability. The other thing which really sets Vertical roofs apart is the vertical orientation of the roof paneling. The panels run down vertically from the top down to the eaves of the roof. This panel orientation means that rain, snow, and debris all glide off the roof much more easily than with horizontal paneling. Vertical roofs are easily the most resilient and durable of the three roof styles, and a Vertical roof is the only recommended option for buildings 30’ wide and above.

2. A-Frame Roof Style

The A-Frame style is more similar to the design of a typical house roof. This option is attractive if you want to step away from the curved look of a regular roof, and help your metal building better blend in with your home or other nearby structures. These metal roofs are also commonly known as Boxed-Eave roofs. This name refers to the fact that the roof panels don’t curve around like with a Regular roof, but rather stop at the roof’s edge, much like what you’d see with most home roofs. A-Frame roof paneling is similar to that of a Regular roof; the roof panels run horizontally from front to back. Generally speaking, an A-frame is a stronger frame design than that of a Regular roof. This roof style is good for areas that can receive some bad weather, but it’s not recommended in areas where heavy snow or wind protection are needed.

3. Regular Roof Style

The Regular roof style is a popular choice for many residential, farm, and agricultural applications. People often like the rounded, curvy look of the roof, and many associate this roof style with more of a traditional barn-like look. The sheet paneling runs horizontally from front to back, and the bended transitions of the legs and roof bows are covered by bow trim. And another reason folks like Regular roofs? Regular roofs are typically the most economical metal building roof style. A Regular roof provides reliable protection in non-extreme weather conditions, and is a good shield from both sun and rain. A regular roof is a viable option if your building is less than 30’ in width, and if you live in an area which doesn’t tend to get much in the way of snow or higher winds.

Metal Building Sizes

Prefabricated Metal Buildings by Carport Central are available in any custom size to fit your needs. We build all sizes from small storage buildings for your garden tools up to a large commercial unit for your manufacturing plant. Check out our metal building sizes as mentioned below.

Wider Metal Buildings

Our prefabricated metal buildings run from 12’ to 70’ wide. There are different standard sizes available based on intended building usage, such as –

42’ – 70’ wide – Large industrial metal buildings for manufacturing workshops, industrial plants, service centers, etc.

32’ – 40’ wide – Commercial metal buildings to store raw materials or to park big machinery, equipment, etc.

26’ – 30’ wide – Also known as triple-wide buildings, which are mostly used as farming storage

12’ – 24’ wide – Residential style buildings, also known as standard buildings. These standard buildings are used for general storage, and can house cars, trucks, RVs, boats, jet skis, ATVs, etc.

As a rule, the bigger the building, the more reinforcement it needs to stand strong, so it can protect your items. Our buildings always come with the necessary anchors, braces, trims, reinforced legs based on the height (double legs/ladder legs), base rails, truss systems, bows, header bars, hat channels, etc.

Longer Metal Buildings

Our standard metal buildings typically run from 21’ to 51’ in length, but we can build 100’ or longer buildings per your specifications. We can customize any style or model to fit the length you need!

Taller Metal Buildings

Standard height of our metal buildings starts at 7’ for basic outdoor storage sheds, all the way up to 20’ tall.

  • 6’ – 11’ leg height comes with single posts
  • 12’ – 14’ leg height comes standard with single posts, with an option for double posts
  • 15’ – 20’ leg height always comes with ladder-leg posts

Double legs and ladder legs are the strongest leg post styles and are recommended for wider and taller metal buildings. These leg post styles increase strength and durability and enable our metal buildings to better fight harsh weather elements.

Certified Metal Buildings and Non-Certified Buildings

What’s the difference between a certified and non-certified metal building? If your local ordinances require you to have a permit to install a building, then you need a certified building. If your area has no such requirements, then you have the option of choosing between certified and non-certified. Certified metal buildings are designed and engineered to withstand specific weather conditions like snow loads or heavy wind. Non-certified metal buildings don’t have any specific snow or wind ratings.

Certified metal buildings offer additional strength and stability with higher-quality steel material, an upgraded gauge for structure and sheet framing, and stronger anchors, braces, truss systems, leg posts, and base rails.

You can opt for the 12-gauge upgrade option with any of these certification codes. All the building codes and certifications vary based on the state of installation and the building permit requirements.

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Metal Building Financing

At Carport Central, we understand that purchasing a custom metal building is a significant investment for most people. That’s why it helps to have some great financing and RTO options available, to help make it easier for you to be able to afford the metal building you really want and need!


At Carport Central, we constantly strive to make financing your metal building as painless and stress-free as possible. Our mission has always been to make choosing and designing your ideal metal building easy, and we take the same approach to financing, too. We have dedicated financing professionals in house whose sole focus is to continue growing our preferred financing partnerships, so that we’re able to offer you nothing less than the best metal building financing options in the business!

Here are just a few things that make financing with us different:

  • IT’S QUICK – Most decisions come back in minutes.
  • IT’S EASY – We’ve got options for all of our customers across the continental US, with no pre-payment penalty.
  • IT’S TRANSPARENT – Once you’re approved, you simply choose the financing plan that suits your needs best.
  • AVAILABLE FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS TOO – No matter how you choose to use your building, our financing officers can still typically get you financed in practically no time.
  • WE’RE HERE TO HELP – Our experienced building specialists and finance officers are here to make it happen for you! Got financing questions? Just give us a call at (888) 979-7152.


But what if your credit is less than stellar? That’s alright, we also offer our own rent-to-own program which doesn’t require any credit check at all! Here are a few features of our rent-to-own approach that could make RTO a great solution for you:



Ready to learn more about RTO with Carport Central? Get in touch with us today at (888) 979-7152, and we’d be happy to go over all the details!

Our friendly, knowledgeable building specialists are here to help walk you through all your options and to help you know what type of metal buildings would be ideal, based on how you will use your steel building and where you are located. Give us a call at (888) 979-7152 and let’s get started on designing the Metal Building of your dreams!

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