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You came to the right place to find out more about how to take your barn, shed, and garage to the next level.


The structure to our business comes from our hometown of Dayton Ohio, where community spirit and being a good neighbor comes first.

Transparent Sales Process

Dayton Barns and All Steel Buildings is here to walk you through every single penny being spent to get your building up and running.

Highly Trained Sales Team

We know that we are experts on these barns, sheds and all steel buildings but that doesn’t mean that you are. We want to change that by educating you.

Best in the Midwest!

In Ohio, we are the best supplier and manufacturer of high-quality custom outdoor structures. Weprovide the best sheds, barns, all steel buildings, garages, and carports to the entire Midwest!

Delivered to you

We give complete factory-built backyard structures delivered to your homes or business.

On-Site Assembly

We also provide a full line of on-site assembled buildings from backyard storage shed to a full garden room or small cottage.

Usually, a traditionally constructed wooden barn would cost approximately $45 / square foot to build, but at Dayton Barns and All-Steel Buildings, you get all you desire without burning a hole in your pocket.


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You can actually do the entire sale without leaving your chair and without coming into contact with any of those human folks.
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How long before my barn is delivered?
Once you order, less than 4 weeks.
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How long before my metal building is built?
Once you order, less than 4 weeks.
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Is there a penalty for paying the barn off early?
Not at all.
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Can i move windows, doors, and add things to the unit?
Yes, you sure can.
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Can i look at the unit when the business is closed?
Yes, every single unit is unlocked and you may check out anything you would like. Brochures are inside each unit.
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Can I place my order over the phone?
Yes. Call us at 937-741-7200 
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Is there a credit check for rent-to-own payments?
No there is not, we do collect your SS number but it is not used for a credit run.
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Do you build on site?
i.e - You have a privacy fence up and can't move the fence to get a barn through.
Yes, we do build on site. There is no paint option and there is a 15% up-charge on the base cost of the building to cover the labor.
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Can i move barns from one place to another?
No, we do not have that as an option.
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Can i move barns from one place to another?
No, we do not have that as an option.
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Can i move barns from one place to another?
No, we do not have that as an option.
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Do we need to have a concrete or gravel pad under our unit
It is completed your choice, cosmetically speaking or water run-off is why people get these.
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