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Utility Carports

Utility Carports are the logical solution when you are looking for that perfect storage space. While their traditional use is for things like extra vehicles, or lawn and gardening equipment, our Utility Carports uses are endless.


Do you engage in a hobby or craft? Is your passion for such things taking over your home? Or do you need extra space for holiday decorations? With a Carport for storage, you can have all your treasured items protected, organized, and within arm’s reach.

Top Selling Utility Carports

Sku No : 307114FB

30x71x14 Farm Building

Starting at : $50,425.00
(*Price varies by state and location)


This 30’ x 71’ Farm Building features 14’ leg height, roll up doors, windows, walk in door, and a vertical roof.

30x71x14 Farm Building

Starting at : $50,425.00
(*Price varies by state and location)

Financing & RTO Available

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Top Selling Custom Steel Structures

Sku No : 307114FB

24'x40'x12' Metal Carport

Starting at : $9,600
(*Price varies by state and location)


This 24’ x 40’ Metal Carport features 12’ leg height, roll up doors, windows, walk in door, and a vertical roof.

24'x40'x12' Metal Carport

Starting at : $9,600
(*Price varies by state and location)

Financing & RTO Available

The Benefits of aMetal Utility Carport

We construct our metal buildings with durable and versatile steel, which has several benefits to the design and construction process.Steel allows us to create structures that are long-lasting, weather-proof, and capable of complementing the design of your home.


Depending on the type of roof you select, our metal utility carports will withstand heavy snows, rains, and winds. No matter the weather in your region we can construct a building that will keep your belongings safe and sound.


We offer pre-engineered units that can be purchased whole, but we also offer unique design options that you can take advantage of using our building tool.


Versatility is a great strength of metal utility buildings and carports. Today you have a specific purpose in mind for the building, and we’re happy to help you design the perfect structure. Years from now, you could still be finding new uses for it as it stands up to time and the elements.

Styles of Metal Utility Buildings

All of our metal buildings begin with certain style options that you can mix and match to suit your needs.


When we refer to the style of a metal utility building, great emphasis is placed on the shape and style of the roof panels, as well as the size and shape of the center storage unit.


Some metal utility carports are completely open, with no center storage unit, while others may have a large center storage unit and resemble a regular garage.

If you live in an area where weather protection is not a priority, you may choose to have an exposed carport with no garage door opening. In areas where strong elements pose a risk to your property, we can build fully enclosed, durable steel carports that can withstand the extremes of yearly weather events.


Create Your Own Style


Some of the ways we can customize your metal utility carport are:


  • Dimensions: width, length, and height. We can build carports large enough for RVs for agricultural equipment, or we can build one just large enough to shelter your new motorcycle.
  • Roof Style: An important decision when it comes to weatherproofing your structure. You can decide between our three options of vertical or horizontal boxed-eave panels or a regular roof (with no eaves). Vertical panels are our most weather-resistant option, but the other choices can resist wind and typical weather as well.
  • Center Storage Space: A metal utility carport can offer as much enclosed space as you need. If you plan to use it primarily as a carport, we can design the portal and storage space to fit any vehicle. Alternatively, you may want no center storage space and instead opt to have storage on the sides or not at all.

Side Entry Utility Carports

We can construct a metal utility carport with side entry doors, frameouts, and roll-up doors.

A regular front-entry metal utility carport will shelter the front of the portal. This is great for storing multiple vehicles for long-term use, or if you don’t plan on accessing the storage unit very often.

The downside of front-entry portals is that ease of entry into and out of the building is dependent upon what’s parked under the front shelter.

Side entry utility buildings avoid this problem by placing portals on the side. This allows for quick access to the storage unit without concern aboutwhat’s parked under the non-enclosed shelter.


The Uses of Side Entry Utility Carports


The primary reason for choosing a side entry utility carport is how easy it makes access to the storage unit. If you think you’ll often be going in and out of the unit for any reason, we recommend side entry.


Beyond the size and shape of the entry portals, the inside of our metal structures is also totally within your control.

Metal utility buildings are perfect for some of the following uses:


  • Garages
  • Permanent Storage Units
  • Workshops
  • Art Studios
  • Game Rooms
  • Lawn and Garden Equipment

Why Choose Dayton Barns for Your Metal Utility Carport?

At Dayton Barns, we strive daily to bring you the highest level of service and craftsmanship. We’ve spent the last ten years creating barns, sheds, carports, and all manner of custom metal buildings for thousands of satisfied customers. Contact us today to get started on a free quote for your new metal utility carport.

Utility Carport Styles

We offer you 3 custom roof options for utility carports to fit your needs, ranging from regular metal roofs, stylish a-frames, to our top of the line vertical roofs – and we also offer you the choice of custom sizes, tailoring your utility carport to be the perfect fit for your needs.


Whether you choose 12-gauge or 14-gauge steel framing for your new utility carport, both materials are strong and tested to withstand the elements – and our 12-gauge steel framing comes with a 20-year rust warranty.


With our wide selection of options such as gable ends and side panels, Carport Central is here to help you to build your perfect addition.


But the applications don’t stop there. Utility Carports go beyond basic storage. Want the perfect man-cave? You can trick out your metal utility carport to fulfill your wildest dreams. Do you need a studio, for painting, photography, or sewing? Look no further than a custom utility carport from Carport Central. Are you into fitness? With a stand-alone Utility Carport, you can create the ultimate gym or yoga retreat – the perfect place to burn off the stress after a long day at work.

Check out the most popular utility carport designs –

Utility Carports with Side Entry

Our utility carports offer side entry for easy access to the enclosed storage units built in your carports. Carport Central has a large selection of customizable side entry carports and garages with utility-style buildings to provide covered and open space in the same steel building unit. Most side entry utility car ports have storage unit built at the end of the metal storage building, however, we offer complete customization so that you can add freestanding lean-tos or a storage unit on one of the lean-tos too. Instead of renting a mini-storage unit or purchasing/building a backyard storage barn, consider building a utility enclosure into your metal carport or steel canopy.

What are the uses of a side entry utility carport?

Our customers that have boat carports or equipment storage units utilize the storage part for fishing equipment, garden equipment, ski equipment, and for general purpose items to expand their house. Some of our customers use the carports with storage units to shelter their cars, trucks, or other vehicles and use the utility storage to store motorcycles, ATVs, indoor games, lawn movers, shoe racks, used furniture, and golf-carts. These combo carports can also be used as carport shelters and storage lawn and garden equipment. We have constructed fully enclosed metal workshops and garages with a porch on the end of the unit too. We can configure entries on the end or sides of the carports with storage buildings.

However, you wish to use your utility carport from Carport Central, our skilled customer team members can help you choose from our vast array of designs, features, and colors, helping you to create the perfect solution for your utility carport needs.

Please note – Many local rules require building permit and certification for occupied structures. We can guide you through the process, just let our team member know you plan to have the building certified.


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